The RRIO Check List can be downloaded here.  Please print the check list and do a walk through prior to our inspection.  This will help your properties pass the inspection without surprises.

Some things to keep in mind:

The city is now enforcing the need for smoke detectors in every bedroom and in hallways outside of the bedrooms.  Carbon Monoxide detectors must be installed on every floor of the building with one installed outside of the bedrooms.  The city also added GFI plugs for any outlet within 30” of a water source, so please check your kitchen, garbage disposal, laundry and bathroom outlets.

Handrails and handrails with guards are also a point of failure for many properties.  2X4’s are not handrails.  Handrails need to be graspable and 2x4’s are not.  Also, if any stairs or platforms are over 30” off grade, then you must have guardrails with no more than 4” separation between spindles.  This includes basement stairs with one open side, very common in Seattle.  Those need to be closed up with handrail/guardrails.