Types of RRIO Inspections

There are other types of RRIO inspections that may be done voluntarily or as a result of a complaint.

Inspection Request from the City:

This is most likely what has brought you to this site.  In a nut shell; you have 60 days or the due date that is listed on the request from the City, to PASS the inspection and submit the results to the city.  Please don't be confused and assume that if you have an expiration date in two months, that you can wait until the last minute to both schedule and pass.  Most properties pass but you still want to give a little time incase something comes up. 

The process: You send us the inspection request you received from the city, (send to keith@seattlerentalinspectionservices.com please let us know if it's a multi-family or single-family property.  We will get back to you with at least three (3) date and time options.  You check with the tenants and or just choose one and let us know or ask for more options.  Be fast, because those appointments fill fast.  We will then schedule a meeting via Outlook and send you some helpful hints, 48-hour notice template and your invoice.  Inspections take about 15 minutes, at the most and we file the same day.  If you don't pass, we send you a report, same day, and you make the repairs and send pictures.  Once we receive and approve the pictures/fixes, we file the paperwork.  We then send you an email with the confirmation from the city.  That email contains a link you must follow to download your Certificate of Compliance.  We try to make this as painless as possible...

Compliance Inspection:

You may hire a qualified private inspector, like us, to complete an inspection prior to registration. A compliance inspection can help you feel confident declaring that your property and all your units meet the city's checklist standards. This inspection is strictly voluntary and all rental housing units on your property must be inspected. You must comply with all the requirements of the required inspection, such as proper notice to tenants. If you complete and pass a compliance inspection, you will have 60 days from the date of the inspection to fix any problems, register the property and volunteer for an inspection.  Once the inspection request is provided by the city, then you will send that on to us and we can file the paperwork.  

Voluntary Inspection:

You may choose to have a RRIO inspection conducted after you register at your convenience, rather than wait to be selected for a required inspection. To schedule a voluntary inspection, you must contact the city at (206) 684-4110 and request a voluntary inspection letter. The letter will establish the date for your 60-day compliance timeline. It will also randomly select the appropriate number of units on a multi-unit property to be inspected. If you have prior violations you may be required to have all your units inspected, depending upon the date of the violation. You may hire a qualified private inspector to complete the voluntary inspection. If you complete and pass the voluntary inspection, the inspector will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance and we will submit the Certificate to the city and that will satisfy your inspection requirement for at least five years.